Writing History Seminar in New York City: 2015-2016 Schedule


In our inaugural 2015-2016 year, we met at The New School:

9/18/2015       Nell Painter, History through Digital Collage: Art History by Nell Painter Volume XXVII, Ancestral Arts

10/9/2015       Adam Arenson, This is Not How My Book Starts–Or Is It? Introductions, Tables of Contents, and the Writing Process

11/13/2015     Nathan Connolly, “Who Did What to Whom?” and Other Writing Hazards

1/29/2016       Edward Ball, Writing History Using Family History

3/4/2016         Maria Montoya, Ideas, People, and Place: Biography and Geography in the Progressivism of Rockefeller and Roche

4/1/2016         Bruce Dorsey, A Doctor’s Visit and a Murder in a Mill Town: Experimenting With Perspective


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