Writing History Seminar in New York City: 2016-2017 Schedule

Our 2016-2017 events at Columbia University were:

September 23 – Timothy Stewart-Winter, Writing Silences: Narrative Dilemmas and the 1964 Walter Jenkins Gay Sex Scandal

October 28 – Claire Potter, Beginning in 1968: Recent History, Feminism, and the Uses of Biography

December 2 – Donna Murch, Historians and the Present: Gender, Herstory and the Movement for Black Lives

February 10 – Debby Applegate, The Influence of Polly Adler: The Challenges of Rumor, Taboo and Context

March 31 – Martha HodesWriting History from Memory: What Happens When a Historian Compares Her Own Recollections to Archival Documents?

April 28 – Robert Rosenstone, Postmodern Historian: Living and Writing the Past

The Writing History Seminar acknowledges the support of the Columbia University History Department, the Digital Humanities Initiative at The New School, and the Urban Studies Program at Manhattan College 

Any more questions? Contact Adam Arenson


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